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E-FARM is the first supplier of used farm machinery that has a global network. Global means that the E-Farm employees can get active on your behalf in more than 20 languages.

The philosophy and value proposition of E-FARM are “inspected used machinery that you can count on”.

E-FARM is now entering the African market.

E-FARM Founder and CEO Dr. Nicolas Lohr: "We provide global transparency to a market that is used to be - and still is - often limited to a rather local environment. With E-FARM.COM, farmers are able to compare prices, avoid fraud and with our warranty be sure to receive their machines in the exact condition as expected. By entering the African market, E-FARM.COM allow a shift of machines from markets with over mechanization to markets with under mechanization. To me this is a highly sustainable way to bring reliable machinery and know-how at great prices to a whole continent."

Read all about E-FARM on www.e-farm.com

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[Interview] Dr. Nicolas Lohr: "E-FARM.COM enters a traditional market with an unconventional and modern business model"

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