YEAR 2 | 5 MARCH 2020
South Africa agriculture equipment market to reach over $600 million by end of 2025, Ken Research
By the end of 2023, tillage equipment would continue to lead the market share capturing over 27 per cent annual growth and registering a growth of close to two percent during 2018-2023 according to Ken Research in its latest study “South Africa Agricultural Equipment Market Outlook to 2025 - By Product Type. Tractors market is likely to expand with a CAGR close...
BASF opens Africa’s first customer experience center in Kenya
German human nutrition company and food ingredients supplier, BASF has opened a Customer Experience Centre in Nairobi, Kenya to provide tailor-made support for formulation and application of food solutions. The center offers an open space architectural design that fosters closer collaboration and nurtures cross industry pollination, allowing BASF...
[Kenya] Rockefeller Foundation invests $6 million in mango value chain
Rockefeller Foundation has released a grant of $6 million to go towards value addition initiatives in mango farming in Kenya through its YieldWise Food Loss initiative. Betty Kibaara, the Director in charge of Food Initiative at the Rockefeller foundation says the funding aims at helping reduce post-harvest losses of mangoes that currently stands at 90%...
Guinea-Bissau, IFAD partner to build farmers’ resilience to climate change
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has announced support for a new project in Guinea-Bissau to reduce poverty, increase productivity and incomes, improve food and nutrition security and build the resilience of at least 287,000 small-scale farmers in the face of climate change. Guinea-Bissau is one of the world’s least developed...
[Nigeria] Government sets up SAPZs, targets food sufficiency, employment and revenue generation
The Federal Government of Nigeria has commenced the setting up of Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones (SAPZs) as a major strategy in the economic diversification programme and repositioning for sustainable economic growth and development. This was revealed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alhaji Muhammad...
[Startup Interview] Priscilla Musenge, Director, Prote-IN, Zambia
Inspired by the school of thought that holds that insects are the future of food, Priscilla Musenge runs a Zambia-based startup Prote-IN producing low cost, high quality protein alternatives from insects to make fish, chicken, pig feed, fertilizer as well as for human consumption. Prote-IN is a newly registered Zambian company, whose mission is to produce low cost...
[Startup Interview] Mhlengi Ngcobo, CEO, CoffeMM, South Africa
CoffeeMM, a South African startup in the coffee business has been working with smallholder farmers in South Africa, Mozambique, Burundi and Zimbabwe to process their raw coffee for the retail market. Besides connecting them to international markets and boosting their earnings, the startup has also assisted in creating a viable value chain. Mhlengi...
[Column] Paul Makube: South Africa petrol and diesel price decrease bring relief to farmers
The latest drop in the South Africa fuel and diesel prices of 19c and 55c a litre, respectively, as a result of lower oil prices on the back off the coronavirus, will provide relief for farmers. The cumulative decrease in petrol and diesel so far this year will help limit the impact of the expected fuel levy increase of 25c per litre by April 2020. This will likely contribute...
Africa Business Communities is conducting a series of interviews with startup businesses in Africa. Are you a startup in Africa and interested in an interview? Great! Send an e-mail to These are some of the Startup Interviews that we have published in the past few months...

30-07-2021 | 12:35:59
IDH Farmfit Fund, Rabobank and FMO invest in small-scale farming in Africa
FMO and Rabobank are becoming partners in the EUR 100 million IDH Farmfit Fund with an investment of EUR 10 million each. This unique fund, made up of public and private funds, will make it possible to provide financing for small-scale farmers.

30-07-2021 | 12:23:00
OPEC Fund signs $30m loan to enhance productivity for smallholder farmers in Uganda
The OPEC Fund for International Development signed a $30 million loan agreement with Uganda to help improve food security and incomes for more than 120,000 smallholder households in the northern and north-eastern regions.

30-07-2021 | 09:35:43
IFAD and partners launch coalition to support public development banks’ financing of sustainable and food systems
Creating sustainable and equitable food systems that benefit the world’s most vulnerable people will require substantial investments – by some estimates as much as US$350 billion per year over the next decade.

30-07-2021 | 09:33:46
Danone and FAO collaborate to improve nutrition and agriculture practices in Egypt
Danone has signed a partnership with The UN-Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) aiming at improving nutrition, agriculture practices and food safety across Egypt for more sustainable food systems.

29-07-2021 | 10:54:14
TADB partners with Clinton Development Initiative to unlock soybean value-chain in Tanzania
Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB), has entered into a strategic partnership with the Clinton Development Initiative (CDI), to allow the agri-bank disburse up-to $500,000 to unlock the soybean value-chain in Iringa Region, Tanzania.

28-07-2021 | 14:04:00
IDH Farmfit Fund, Rabobank and FMO partner to invest in small-scale farming in developing countries
FMO and Rabobank are becoming partners in the €100 million IDH Farmfit Fund with an investment of €10 million each. This fund, made up of public and private funds, will make it possible to provide financing for small-scale farmers.

28-07-2021 | 05:12:00
AGRF and Heifer International launch Pitch AgriHack 2021
This seventh edition of Pitch AgriHack is a pitching contest aimed exclusively at African businesses bringing technological innovation to the agriculture sector. Generation Africa, a thematic platform of the AGRF will host the competition.

27-07-2021 | 14:00:00
UN announces 13 Small Business Winners providing “Good Food for All” in Africa and the Middle East
The USD100,00 global competition, held in conjunction with the UN Food Systems Summit, showcases innovative solutions in improving access to healthy, sustainable food.

27-07-2021 | 12:16:46
[Mozambique] AgDevCo invests $3 million in irrigated banana estate Quinta da Bela Vista Limitada
The UK-based social impact investor has closed a $3 million debt investment in Quinta da Bela Vista Limitada (QBV), an irrigated banana estate located in the Boane area in Mozambique.

26-07-2021 | 16:31:00
Action Against Hunger new data show Tigray, Ethiopia at risk of famine
Analysis released by Action Against Hunger, a nonprofit leader in hunger prevention and treatment, show that up to 400,000 women, men and children in Tigray, Ethiopia are now facing acute food insecurity.

20-07-2021 | 11:10:00
[Nigeria] AfDB, IFAD, others boost agriculture with $800m
The Bank of Industry, African Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and Islamic Development Bank have okayed $800million to reduce poverty, end hunger and increase resilience to climate change in rural communities around Nigeria.

14-07-2021 | 16:03:50
IFAD launches new financing programme to boost private funding of rural businesses and small-scale farmers
Rural businesses will get a boost from new financing programme launched by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), as part of its broader efforts to address rising hunger and poverty levels in the world’s poorest countries.

12-07-2021 | 11:45:00
Agriculture stakeholders root for partnership to build resilient food systems in Africa
Speaking during the Alliance for a Green Revoluton in Africa (AGRA) organized Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Summit, speakers reiterated that food security cannot be achieved without a gvernment facilitated enabling environemnt for agribusiness to thrive.

09-07-2021 | 10:11:00
AgDevCo invests in Kenyan aquaculture company Victory Farms
Social impact investor working in the African agriculture sector, AgDevCo, has announce a multi-million-dollar mezzanine debt investment in Victory Farms, a rapidly growing aquaculture company in Kenya.

08-07-2021 | 10:22:37
IFAD provides funding to improve food security for Tanzanian small-scale farmers
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide funding to assist vulnerable small-scale farmers in rural Tanzania.

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