Jaargang 14 | editie 21 | 6 september 2021
Startup Competitie | Cross Media Congres 2021

In deze speciale nieuwsbrief staan de 12 inzendingen van de startup competitie van het Cross Media Congres 2021.

Vandaag kiest de jury bestaande uit Penny Whitelaw; CEO Scircula en winnaar van afgelopen jaar, Karin van Geelen; Managing Director Benelux bij Clarity PR; Raymond Bresching; Partner bij CounterContent en Ellen Bark-Lindhout; mede-oprichter and Managing Director Collider Amsterdam de winnaars.

De winnende startups presenteren op het Cross Media Congres 2021 op dinsdag 14 september in de Kromhouthal Amsterdam.

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[Startup Interview] Marko van Kampen, Co-Founder, Just Another Network, Netherlands

Just Another Network is a media company for the next generation that creates, manages and distributes news, sports and entertainment in a way that is contemporary.

It has achieved this by launching our own news titles and educating a future generation of news and opinion makers. The Co-founder Marko van Kampen tells us more...

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[Startup Interview] Wibe van de Vijver, Co-Founder, Mohi, Netherlands

Mohi is a media startup that has created a platform where users can remove the clutter and build a space where they can organize a selection of their most enjoyable content experiences and share the absolute highlights with their inner circle. The Co-founder Wibe van de Vijver explains.

Introduce your startup

Mohi is a Slow Media platform providing the digital Marie Kondo experience. Mohi helps to de-clutter your digital life and find content recommendations from people you trust...

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[Startup Interview] Tom van Bentheim, Co-Founder, Opt Out Advertising, Netherlands

Opt Out Advertising is a startup that helps publishers, agencies and advertisers with the transition to cookieless advertising by offering a clean, privacy-friendly way of monetizing opt-out inventory in the online advertising industry.  The Co-founderTom van Bentheim elaborates.

Briefly introduce your startup

Opt out advertising is the go to Dutch online advertising partner for publishers, agencies and advertisers in the cookieless era. We acknowledge the fact that online...

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Cross Media Congres 2021

Het Cross Media Congers 2021 vindt plaats op dinsdag 14 september in de Kromhouthal Amsterdam.

Kijk hier voor het programma

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[Startup Interview] Nicolas d'Audiffret, Co-Founder, Ankorstore, Netherlands

Ankorstore is an online B2B marketplace connecting brand and retailers, all around Europe. Nicolas d'Audiffret the startup’s co-founder explains.

Tell us a bit about your startup

Ankorstore is an online B2B marketplace that connects local, independent retailers and successful brands and manufacturers all over Europe. Ankorstore offers a platform that allows brands to reach a stable sales market they haven't been able to reach before, with potential to scale to new geographical regions. To independent retailers...

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[Startup Interview] Marcel van der Heijden, Co-Founder, GoodKarma, Netherlands

GoodKarma is a Dutch startup that works with brands to create unique experiences by offering them a host of services across branding, content, marketing, commerce and social media among others. The startup’s Co-founder Marcel van der Heijden tells us more.

Give us a brief introduction of your startup

GoodKarma helps good brands to grow by creating unique experiences at the crossroads of branding, content and commerce...

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[Startup Interview] Marco Abele, Co-Founder, OneFor, Netherlands

OneFor is a fintech startup that offers various mobile money applications and technical services, including account, payment and card services. Its card solution is supported by Mastercard International.  The startup’s Co-Founder Marco Abele elaborates.

Tell us a bit about your company

OneFor is a Pan-European start-up fintech enterprise that offers various mobile money applications and technical services, including account, payment and card services. Its card solution is supported by Mastercard International...

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blowUP media lanceert led-scherm bij Hoog Catharijne met digital art

[Column] Erwin Fisser: Tata maakt je dommer

NRC Podcasts, Opium (AVROTROS, NPO Radio 4) en Kink genomineerd voor Zilveren Reissmicrofoon 2021

NRC Media brengt tien keer per jaar NRC Magazine uit

Pathé Thuis stelt Marco van Demen aan als Chief Marketing Officer


Curver lanceert campagne Duurzaam Bewaren & Besparen

Coopr sluit zich aan bij Candid

Collection Glass van Duvel dit jaar ontworpen door FAKE (Manuel Seikritt)

Arbo Unie begint Lekker in je Vel-campagne

Pernod Ricard kiest Havas Media


Publicis Groupe appoints Sylvie Ouziel as CEO of Shared Platforms

Carlsberg’s Swiss brewery embraces electric trucks for sustainable transportation

Entravision Communications acquires Cisneros Interactive

Dentsu international appoints Victoria Livingstone as EMEA Chief People Officer

[eMarketer] The number of US paid digital audio subscribers on an upward trajectory


Tech startup Spinach raises $2.75m pre-seed round for Zoom meeting integration

Wine & spirits e-Commerce startup Speakeasy Co. raises $2m seed round to accelerate growth

CB Insights launches algorithm to score the quality of startup's founding and management team\

Next-gen research platform Litmaps closes $125K seed-stage investment from Quidnet Ventures

LG announces global startup competition to recruit new businesses for innovation center


[Startup Interview] Marsha Goei, Co-Founder, Breeze, Netherlands

Breeze is a Dutch-based startup that seeks to make online dating revolve around offline encounters again. It embraces technology to enhance human connection instead of replacing it. By lowering the bar to offline dating, Breeze hopes to get rid of the high expectations that are linked to first dates. The startup’s Co-founder Marsha Goei elaborates.

Introduce your startup

Breeze is an online dating app for offline dates. At Breeze, you only get a handful of the best matching profiles each day. When matched, there is no endless chatting, but...

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[Startup Interview] Aaron Mirck, Co-Founder, Presscloud, Netherlands

Dutch startup Presscloud allows companies to handle public relations without the need for an agency by training users on the ABCs of PR and connecting them to a database of journalists and an online newsroom.

Dubbed the IKEA for PR, Presscloud is billed as the solution for companies that want to cut back on their marketing budget but still want to use PR. Startup Weekly talked to the startup’s founder Aaron Mirck...

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[Startup Interview] Mark Schoones, Co-Founder, MIX, Netherlands

MIX is a Dutch-based agency that uses creative thinking to forge a connection between business, brand and marketing by analyzing businesses from all sides, determining where value is created and optimizing exactly those points.

It does this by using services such as creative direction, brand development and organization design to help brands and the teams running them. The startup’s Co-founder Mark Schoones explains...

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Cross Media Congres 2021

Het Cross Media Congers 2021 vindt plaats op dinsdag 14 seotember in de Kromhouthal Amsterdam.

Kijk hier voor het programma

Kijk hier voor kaarten

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[Startup Interview] Henry Tang, Co-Founder, Turff, Netherlands

Turff is a Dutch startup that runs a software platform for financial management of consumables. Expenses in student houses, associations and canteens are tracked on a free tablet . Advertisements are then shown on the screen as a screen saver.  Henry Tang one of the startup’s founders explains.

Tell us about your startup?

Cost management of FMCG in associations, sports clubs, and student households can be quite a hassle. People often use pen and paper to keep track of consumptions, leading...

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[Startup Interview] Noel Wilson, Lars Evers, Founders, Jellow, Netherlands

Jellow is an on-demand freelance startup that seeks to connect companies with freelancers directly eliminating the hustle  that comes with using intermediaries. The startup’s founders Noel Wilson and Lars Evers explain.

Briefly introduce your startup

Jellow is a user-friendly on demand freelance platform of the Netherlands and Belgium. Our goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for companies and freelancers to connect. Companies can find the most suitable freelancer for their assignments within 1 minute themselves...

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[Startup Interview] Dennis van der Veen, CEO, Hamster Connect, Netherlands

Hamster Connect is a global niche social media platform for start-ups, investors, and accelerators and offers smart tools to help users reach their goals. The startup’s CEO Dennis van der Veen explains.

Tell us a bit about your startup

Hamster Connect offers a niche social media platform, a toolbox and a SaaS solution to start-ups, investors and accelerators. Hamster Connect is a multifaceted platform and marketplace that aims to become the global industry eco-system and the infrastructure for the industry...

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